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Michael Medeiros

286 Union Street • New Bedford, MA 02740 • Telephone: 508.992.0023 • Fax: 508.990.7930
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Since 1995 our office has provided a variety of legal services to our clients and has practiced extensively in the following areas of law:

Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation: We have worked zealously to obtain just compensation for our clients’ injuries and to insure that they are made whole.

Divorce Law:  Attorney Michael Medeiros has worked extensively with the Probate & Family Court system and has represented numerous clients in their domestic relation issues.

Wills and Probate: Estate Planning is a growing concern for modern families. Given the changes in Medicaid law people must be informed how they provide for a safe and secure transfer of their assets upon death.

Landlord/Tenant: Our office has represented numerous landlords and provides sound legal advice for the single unit owner to the corporate property management landlord.

Business Law: We are prepared to advise clients about the benefits and disadvantages of the various legal entities available to people starting new businesses. We are ready to recommend and form:

            •  Sole Proprietorships
            •  General Partnerships
            •  Limited Liability Partnerships
            •  Limited Liability Companies
            •  C Corporations
            •  S Corporations